Where do I even begin? I have been on a journey these last few months with Holy Spirit. I’ve know about the Holy Spirit pretty much my entire life but, I didn’t always understand that He desired a relationship with me or for me to know Him intimately. I really started to get an understanding of this when I started following the teachings of Randy Clark and other leaders at Global Awakening. This has really increased over the last several months and I have come into a deeper relationship and understanding of who Holy Spirit is. Let me start from Voice of The Prophets 2018. Every year at VOP there is a time of receiving prophetic words from the students of Global School. This year there were several things that were said but, there’s one stuck out to me and still keeps echoing in my head. It was that Holy Spirit was going to bring me into a time of deeper intimacy with Him over the next 4 months. Now, this stuck out to me because in 4 months from that  time that word was given to me, I would be starting Global School myself. I knew the student was speaking of a time of preparation. I went home from VOP not really sure what to do to foster this word. So, I just began to play worship music and wait to hear from Holy Spirit. One day, He said to me, all I desire is you! This instantly brought me to tears. Here is the God of the universe, telling my all He desires is me! This still blows my mind when I think about it! I continued to have many encounters like this over the next several months and still am. He began to touch and speak to me about the deepest parts of me. Some things I had tucked away or even forgot they were there. He has shown me that He knows every part of me and He desires for me to know every part of Him. He desires intimacy. He desires to be close to me and spend time with me. I can’t even begin to put into words the things He has touched in my heart, mainly because words fail and are inadequate to express it. I have been truly transformed and revitalized during this time. I can say with confidence that Holy Spirit is my best friend, I don’t think I could have said that back in April. My life has changed and I will never be the same. The awesome thing is this only the beginning. See, He needed to build my relationship with Him and develop this intimacy before I step into this next chapter of life.I have to know  Him and let Him in before He can even begin to start to use me in supernatural.

Want to know the most awesome thing about all this? I am no one special. He desires this intimate relationship with all of us. He wants to know you intimately and desires you! All you have to do is ask Him to begin to show you. Let Him in and begin a close relationship with Him. I promise you won’t regret it!

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